Double Dragon

Yoyos used: Yoyojam Classic and Zeekio Prism.

The hardest part about double dragon is binding and throwing.  Doing actual tricks is easier than it appears.

Looks great! Can you make some tutorials on the binding and throwing parts? Or just some explanations. That would be great!

I will try to make some tutorials soon

I loved every second of it. I can see this being a major new competition style in the next few years. Great job guys!

Very nice… I can throw successfully most of the time and bind almost half the time… that’s about it… when I try to do a trick, the other strings snags on me or something like that…

I did somehow do this double GT thing by accident… havent been able to do it again since…

That full body gyro flop was awesome! and funny :smiley:

Twerk Flop is the trick of the year.

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