Don't know how else to say this.

So, bye.

I’ve requested account deletion.

Too much stuff going on. Haven’t been happy in years(goes further back than my time here).

It’s in the hands of “management” now if I stay or not. I’m sure they have the resources to contact me. I’ve disabled PM’s. So, unless you know how to contact me, best of luck with that. I’m also fine with resigning my ForumXpert status as well. I don’t deserve it anyways.

Please note: I will not be reading responses, so there’s no point in replying to this thread.

And no, it has NOTHING to do with anything on the forum. I’ve been seriously contemplating this all year. It’s not sufficient to walk away. I prefer more finalized solutions/options.

It was fun while it lasted. However, it’s time for me to go. Before anyone will have read this, I will have already requested deletion.

Also, there’s nothing to concern yourselves with. I’m not angry with anyone or anything on the forum. I’m merely looking to reduce distractions, mostly self-induced ones. I’ll have to actually pay attention to clients while I am stuck on endless phone calls.