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CLYW Canvas $110 Shipped $100 Shipped
Gray Grey, Pickaxe logo on one side, Jensen’s signature on the other. Two pin pricks (1st picture, upper rim) and one scuff on the logo side(second picture), signature side is mint.

YYF Supernova LITE $60 Shipped $55 Shipped
I have been the only owner of this yoyo. SMOOTH and Mint, has hardly been thrown.
RETAILS at $90!
Comes with original box.

YYF Supernova $85 Shipped $75 Shipped
Jon Rob Edition, MIB.

Anti-yo Bape SOLD
Mint, unengraved.

SPYY Radian Super Lite Offer
Mint in box.

You do Know the pickaxes on the one side of the canvas mean it’s fools gold right?

Sorry, but this is not true.
The first run Canvases had pick-axe halves with another design.
This constituted them as a-grades.

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What he said ^^^^

Thanks for the two cents though.