done please close mods


mip purple legacy, would like to trade but offers are more than welcomed.5/5 $25
lime green lyn fury modded to resemble a project. super smooth and siliconed 3.5/5 $15
good condition Atmosphere smooth 4/5 $35

Project 2: mint any color <----- really want one

pm me with any offers. and for pics


i have a axel and the bearings but not the o rings or stacks but i made a tutorial on how to make them. And i have a modded throw monkey and a fh1. I can trade ether of those and the axel for the lyn and legacy.


added new stuff and prices !


What color is the Atmosphere?


sry the atmosphere is gone mods please close this. check out my new bst if you want something


Close it yourself. There is a lock button on the bottom left side of the screen. Also, move it to Archived Trades.

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