DONE DONE DONE done - FT hspin Pyro #1408 (red/orange)

I bought this hspin Pyro a month or so ago, but have since determined that I prefer lighter / smaller yoyos. It is in good condition, a couple dings and several pin pricks, I think I’ve captured it pretty well with the pics below. It is currently set up with 1 silicone pad + 1 thin dif pad, very smooth.

Looking for undersize metals in very good condition (no beaters plz) - for example first run 5 Star (black/red), project 1, wedgie, bully, addict, etc. So if you have anything along those lines (or something else to suggest, even if it isn’t undersize) that isn’t getting much play by you, lets swap.

Bring Up My Pants

is it undersized

Pyros are big.


bump it up - come on offer, don’t be shy now, I’ll be nice :smiley:

Traded, all done.