Does this sound helpful

So I was learning Ladder escape this week and noticed a lack of footage from above which is what I needed to complete the last part. I strapped on my helmet came to look at what I was doing wrong when I figured it out. It helped me so much I figured you all might appreciate some slow run throughs of tricks. I won’t do speaking or words just show the trick kid of like a cabin tutorial but once just slowly so you all can see how the trick is done. I was wondering if anyone would apreciate this. I can do almost all tricks up to master level tricks. If you want a video Coment or PM me a trick you need done and I will try to finish as soon as possible ;D. has first person views of almost all the tricks Andre (re)did tutorials for here.

really, I did not know that

Yeah, right under all the videos it says something along the lines of “view 1 view 2”, the second being shot over his shoulder first person style.

To be honest though, the way they teach doesn’t help much. they do all their tricks at full speed, with the number on the top left on which step it is, and it is pretty difficult to follow.