does anyone know the voltage the Ricochet is anodized at?


Im thinking about anodizing my ricochet to a new color and was wondering what voltage is used to achieve its current blue-ish color. Ive looked at alot of color charts but the all seem to be different. Just hoping its on the lower end so that i can achieve purple or yellow shades, thanks


Why not go with a different color? Like pink. Pink is cool.


Well im saying i want a different color! But once you go past a certain color then you cant go back, i just need yo know if blue is low enough so that i can still go up to better colors



Im having a hard time deciding if its a 20 or like an 83


+10 -9 +2 ¥3 ℅


Only 3 yen??? sick deal bro





Seriously though… seeing as how you don’t have the blue Ricochet, you won’t/can’t know the true hue anyway so it doesn’t matter if you get the volt exactly right. I think a lighter blue would look better, personally.


I’d say roll the dice!

Put a mask on and hang over the tank. Yank when it looks good.


Little confused at the passed comments but to clear it up a bit… i have the blue ricochet right now and just want to know what voltage the blue color is equal to


You’ll just have to look at it when you’re doing it. It’s really implausible that you’ll get it exact.


It’s probably 20.

Best thing to do would be to use a power supply with an analog knob. Start low and slowly increase the voltage until the ricochet begins to change. Then simply stop whenever you find the color you want.

I always found lower voltages to produce better colors, especially for blue.


fyi, the colors cycle… so you can go back around again you just have to keep going up. (there is a limit to this, and the shades vary).

The biggest thing is getting a good connection and having the bath chemistry exactly right… matching a color -isn’t- going to happen.