Does anybody have a masamini or onedrop dingo, Trading Luftverks, titanium, more

As you can see by the title plz let me know if you have one I will pay or trade good amount don’t rlly care the condition

Mod Edit: Please keep all of your buy/sell/trade requests in one topic. Don’t make a new topic for each thing you are looking for.

Masamini is in stock in several colors.

Hey guys so rlly would love to get s good pocket throw my two favorites are the masamini and dingo so if anybody has one of trade or sale comment or pm me don’t care condition. Also if you have any other pocket or mini throws let me know what you have for sale or trade as well don’t care condition

Hey guys so I have some luftverks would like to trade away because idk I rlly just don’t want them and only am interested in pocket yoyo now so I have the new 7075 ti brand new in red have another one of the high end ones all titanium thrown 3-4 times clyw narwhal 2 brand new and titanium shutter

Looking for:
Masamini by sengoku
Onedrop dingo
And other smaller mini/pocket yoyo that perform good

Do you have pictures of any of these yoyos?

No names?
No pics?

Red flags!

Be careful… all of this OP this makes me sketched.

Dude, learn grammatics. It`s almost impossible to understand what you exactly want to say:)


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Yes I do and sorry I am not very good at using this forum that is why I did not link pictures

That as my bad I was rlly tired and I gave all of the names and the other luftverk is the tundra r also I do not know how to link pictures

less sketched… haha :smiley:

Send me a pm with the pictures and I’ll post them for you.