DM2 scarab and green neon protostar - perfect starter set £30 uk posted

Bought a couple of months ago and since bought a Chief

DM2 has a couple of floor tiling related dings, no box, both bearings which has been de-shielded and cleaned and five kitty strings, normal poly’s.

Proto is mint, it has a stress fracture around the axel where it screws in one side, this was from the factory and doesn’t affect play. No box, comes with stock cleaned and de-shielded bearing and five kitty strings.

Both have just had new ir pads.

£30 posted to the uk.


You’re obligated by forum policy to post pictures in any b/s/t listings.


Will do, just need to work out how to



Easy, then!

No new starters after a good couple of throws?

Will trade too. I will offer cash on top if you have something that tickles my fancy ;D

Anyone? Will sell / trade

Need to sell / trade - anyone?

Im getting the scarab where did you get it from (the shop)