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Well, I’m running down the road
Tryin’ to loosen my load…

Time to clean house. More to come.
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If it’s listed, it’s available.
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Dif-e-yo Yoyos

Difeyo Tank and Bare Bones. Both in excellent condition. Come with original canisters, o-rings included.
$60 shipped for each. Both for $100.

Dif-e-yo Tank:


Dif-e-yo Bare Bones:



Clear FHZ, mint, ready to paint $30
Steve Brown FH2, rare $25
Metal FHZ $20

2018-09-23_13-11-14_v1 2018-09-23_13-12-13_v1


HSPIN Pyro, 2 sm. buckle dings in each half, $80


Tom Kuhn Yoyos

Tom Kuhn Roller Woody, new in box $40.00

BC Fixed Axle YoYos New In Box

These are basically the same size, weight and profile as the TK yoyos above. The main difference being they are not take apart.

BC Phantom, blue, new in box - $20.00 shipped
BC Millenium, new in box - $20.00 shipped
BC Classic, new in box - $20.00 shipped
BC Phantom, black, new in box - $20.00 shipped
BC Blackbird, (butterfly) new in box - $20.00 shipped

IMG_0427_v1_sm IMG_0425_v1_sm

BC Natural, new in box - $20.00 shipped
BC Spitfire, new in box - $20.00 shipped


YYJ Axiom, excellent condition - $35.00 shipped

YYJ New Breed, excellent condition - $30.00 shipped
YYJ Journey, Clear, Paintable - new with box - $25.00 shipped
NOTE: The green in the New Breed pic is a reflection of the leaves on nearby trees.

Yoyo Factory Yoyos

YYF Hectic, mint - $40.00 shipped


Anti-Yo Eetsit: Sold to the man in the straw Hat :wink:
Tom Kuhn Roller Woody, Mint condition $40.00 Sold
Tom Kuhn 25th Anniversary 3-in-1 No Jive (butterfly) New In Box, $40.00 Sold
Tom Kuhn 3-in-1 No Jive Mandala Excellent Condition, $50.00 Sold
TK Mini, $30.00 Sold
Tom Kuhn RD2, $45.00 sold
Tom Kuhn Laminated RD1 $45.00 Sold
Tom Kuhn Maple RD1 $40.00 Sold
SPYY Adict, Minty fresh - $85.00 shipped Sold
MAG Avenger, new in box - $25.00 shipped Sold
Tom Kuhn Maple 3-in-1 No Jive, New in box, $30.00 Sold
YYF Frantic, mint - $35.00 shipped Sold
YYJ Jamboo, oiled and varnished finish, excellent condition - $30.00 shipped Sold
Plamaxx/Proyo Turbo Bumble Bee GT, new in box $40 Sold
HSPIN GORYLLA, Minty fresh - $70.00 shipped Sold!!!
Playmaxx/Proyo Turbo Bumble Bee, new in box $40 Sold
Tom Kuhn Red 3-in-1 No Jive, New in box, $30.00 Sold
Tom Kuhn Blue 3-in-1 No Jive, Good condition $20.00 Sold
Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine, Mint in box $35.00 Sold



OK, where’s all the guys that proclaimed they were in love with fixed axle and wanted a TK 3-in-1 No-Jive ???

Still available!!

That Axiom looks pretty cool.

Somebody help me! How many OG Journeys are enough OG Journeys?

Well, I have about 5 at the moment…

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Make an offer.
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Sleep machine is GONE
Grab these classics while they’re still available. :eye:

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