Did you know Matt Mullins Yo-yo'ed? Nah me neither! GIVEAWAY!

85 subscribers away from 250! Thank you guys so much. I seriously appreciate everything.


Dude I’ve got two little gremlins of my own, I don’t want yours! Terrible giveaway!

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60 away!!! Lets go :heart::heart::heart:


44 subs away dawg. We just gonna keep giving stuff away too. Follow along with me :heart:


In between dish sessions. I always wind up wet.

Yo-yo is the G2 Valhalla gifted to me by the homie Brandon Heinz. This one gets grabbed more than others. :joy::joy:

30 subscribers away from giving a B22 away. :heart::heart::heart: thank you so much.


I am so incredibly thankful that my wife talked me into putting myself out there. For a normal guy who lives in a town of 390 people, I am beyond appreciative of the amount of support. We are still giving away a Yo-yo to my Youtube subs, and we are 20 away. 1k likes in under 24 hours is wild and I owe everyone everything.


We have passed 250 Subscribers! I am so incredibly thankful and I appreciate everyones support. I will be doing the giveaway soon and will anounce it soon! Thank you so much! Rumor has it though that if you do not win this giveaway there will be more and soon! So please stick around!

My dad used to tell me that it didn’t count if the Yo-yo didn’t return to my hand, these counted to me. I guess. Haha

G2 Valhalla (RGB Colorway)

This is by far the best bimetal on the market. Hurry, go find one.



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Ayyy congrats matt!! Stoked to see how your channel grows and progresses


My entry for the average Yo-yoers club.

But it’s the Chronicles of the Valhalla

Also. I am super excited to announce that the most generous man in our hobby @G2_Jake has offered to provide the next giveaway which will occur once we reach 500 subscribers on my Youtube channel. I appreciate the man, the myth, and the legend for offering to do such a thing for the people who follow my channel and It means a lot.

What do we know about the Yo-yo? Nothing. Does it matter? No. Is it a free G2, which is the best yo-yo on the market? Yes.

Please follow me. I hope to provide some sort of entertainment. :heart:


Your stuff is fire. Love it!

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Thank you brother :heart:


We are at 290 subs. 210 until someone gets a package from the man himself. It literally does not get any better than that. Lets go :heart::heart:

I appreciate the hell out of this community. Thank yall for everything :heart:


Drawing for the winner tonight. :heart::heart:


I saw a bind :wink:

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Hello everyone and Good Morning!

I just wanted to reiterate how appreciative I am of everyone’s support in this little ride we are all taking together. You guys make life even more fun and I enjoy reading every comment ❤️

Congrats to Brian Corliss for winning the G2 Banshee 22! I will be contacting you for your address 🙏🙏❤️❤️

And just so everyone knows! Please keep following and get your friends to join.

And finally, more importantly.

Our friends over at G Squared YoYos want to give my followers a Yo-yo. How freaking cool is that? So at 500 subs, you get a package from the man himself, which I am incredibly jealous about it. 😂😂😂

How great are these Yo-yos? They are fantastic. I’m super excited for the winner and future winners of giveaways. We are currently 173 subscribers away from hitting that goal ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

Thank you guys. Seriously. Who would have ever thought we would have even made it this far? I’m incredibly thankful.




Matt Mullins is a real one! Appreciate you hosting the giveaway and if you aren’t following him yet get on it people one of the nicest guys in the community hands down, this has my Monday looking up the double fantasy thrashing i took this weekend haha :joy:


Congrats on 250 followers (more than that now!)

Cant waut to see more tricks, you’ve got a fun style Matt!