Did some stuff today

My first double slack! Also another double slack I need help on. Tips are welcome!


Link isn’t working :frowning:

Yeah I fricked up the IG post because I’m stoopid

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Sorry guys I messed up the instagram post so I deleted it. I’ll get a good one in a sec.

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haha that sucks to put in all that time and effort just for it to mess up on you! >.<’

Hopefully you can get a working link for us, looking forward to checking the vid out! :smiley:

@twitch77 got it done

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:frowning: New link isn’t working either.

What the heck

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It works for me… What the heck is wrong

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I’m not sure. I wonder if it’s working for other people here on the forums and if it’s just not working for me?
I don’t know how instagram works…but is the video set to private or something? (not even sure if that’s an option on insta).

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That muat be it then. Yesterday my sister convinced my mom to make my account private. (She was probably jealous I have more followers than her lol) I’ll just see if I can work around it