Diafreytzle Repeater Tutorial



Requested by Sk8kono or Gregzilla.


Cool tutorial keep em coming


Thanks! ;D

(DOGS) #4

So friggin sylish. And the tutorial was a blast to watch, very nice editing!


Thanks Patrick! Glad to hear it from you.


very very nice tutorial ;D I learned it pretty quickly( well, it’s not that smooth yet though )


Nice! Awesome.


pretty epic

(Kyle V.) #9

Very cool trick dude! It has a sort of a unique feel and look to it.


Thanks Kyle! Your tutorials are so friggin awesome. :smiley:


Do i need a yukksta to do it??? haha jk ;D Good tutorial though.


When you’re still learning, doing that trick using undersized yoyos can be difficult. So I do recommend using an oversized yoyo with kind of a wide profile or H-shape, that way you will land the trick consecutively.

And Yuuksta is undersized, so yeah.

(DOGS) #13

Even though I have this trick down, when I saw this topic bumped up I took the time to watch it again. Such an entertaining tut, and once again: style for miles!


I appreciate that. A LOT. :’(
Thanks bro.

What yoyo were you using when you learned this?


dude yea. this trick is awsome. i saw that video u made a while back and literarly spent my time after taht replaying those couple seconds till i got that trick. it was that amazing and now that i saw this im like dannggg so pro. awsome trick. one of my new favs


Thanks bro. Means a lot.

What was that video “that I made a while back”?


amazing and easy trick :slight_smile: thanks