Diablo III softcore americas

Whats up folks, I am looking to get rid of 1 billion gold on diablo 3 (softcore amercas server)… I was going to sell it on the cash money auction house but if theres anyone interested in some diablo 3 gold and would like to trade a throw or 2 im sure we could work something out. The current $:gold ratio on the real money auction house is .25:mil… so a quarter a million for a good idea of trade values. PM me if interested… (I realize I dont have any feedback I just got back into yoyoing and recently joined the online community, if you have feedback I would be willing to go first). I was going to post this in the buy sell trade but its kind of unrelated so i guess this will do here. Thanks and have a great day.


This seems kind of shady, you don’t have any fail safes if the deal goes wrong like with Paypal. This goes for both sides of the trade.

If you have feedback i will give the gold up front, i need to get my feed back up so i can make other trades aswell, only reason i dont have feed back is bc i just got back into yoyoing right before christmas and recently joined the forums.