Denver + yoyo

(Alceste) #1

Ok, I made a yoyo video around downtown Denver Colorado. Tell me what you think, thanks!

(M²) #2

bee free patent pending, that was good, i don’t know what it was about but it was good. As for the video, i liked it a lot, i think it was a little long, but still good. I loved the part were the woman was walking in the building and couldn’t stop staring at you lol.

(Alceste) #3

Yeah lol that was funny, I have no idea what the patent pending thing was either, literally, I was standing next to that statue, and the two guys come up and say, “take our picture”, so I say, “ok”. Lol


Nice video, cool tricks

I have always wanted to flim a video outside the DAM, But i forgot my camera last time I was there(sigh…)


very nice… enjoyed listening to music i had no idea what meant.

(Alceste) #6

Neither do I lol, but it’s nice,.