All yoyos need to be mint or super near mint if you are trading. I have other throws I can throw in or trade if you want to make an offer but not sure I want to get rid of them… I have some CLYW, Onedrop, and Gsquared. My prices are not firm so send me offers… just don’t lowball.

What I have for trade

Onedrop Code 2

Red YYJ Trigger (MIB) $20 shipped

Black YYJ Dark Magic 2 (Near mint in box) GONE!

Blue YYF Popstar (Mint no box) $20 shipped

Grey YYF DV888 (Near mint no box) $30 shipped

Clareview Station CLYW Bvm2 (Near mint no box) Pending for $95 shipped

Daily Deal: $45 shipped for Trigger, Popstar, and Dv888.


Mod Edit: Please note, you are allowed ONE BUMP/DAY. That is why this has been trimmed back.