Deer Crossing


Ummm, this lady is too stupid to live…


That can’t be real.

Please, tell me it isn’t real.


This is what it says:


face palm



I’m imagining deer standing up on their hind legs with their front legs flayed out on their right and left and they are wearing one of those neon orange crossing guard sash like we had in elementary school. He’s holding up a mini stop sign in one of his front hooves. He’s got a whistle in his mouth. There is special little deer tracks spray painted on the highway they can use as a crosswalk.

This is what we need: Deer Crossing Crossing Guards.


I just can’t anymore…


She should probably talk to the deer first and see what they have to say about this.

(Jerrod) #8



Thank goodness, I have been worried about that for so long wink wink, nudge nudge


Speaking of deer…


Thanks, my sides now hurt from laughter! ;D


That can’t be real, is it?


one word: Facepalm.


This made me Lol. Rofl. Lollerskate. Roflcopter.


You should send that gif to that woman. There is no deer crossing sign. Lmao


I hope that is real…


Deer gonna be a deer they got no brain like ours so you can’t move no sign to change anything where those deer move I should know we are friends with a DNR (department of natural resources) person Who told us a story of an old lady asking to move a deer sign because the deer kept going through her yard and she was mad about it when he said no

(Owen) #18


What the…

That gif is hilarious!!