Deanodizing titanium

How hard is it to deanodize titanium?

I’ve been wondering the same thing :laughing:

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Are you talking about a heat treat, or like the coating on the ti-Vayder?

Either way, heat treated or anodized, you must remove a thin layer of metal that contains the dye/oxide layer. I would approach it with something relatively gentle like Scotch Brite. Keep in mind Scotch Brite comes in different “grits” much like sand paper. If you can affix the throw to a drill/bench grinder/drill press. Something that can spin the peice to ensure uniform material of removal. Also tumbling it would work well. In fact, I saw a post where someone did it in their drier. Though, that method would leave a tumbled finish that would require further processing to achieve the look you maybe wanting. In short, not hard but it may be intimidating to some.

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You can probably use an acid

Honestly, I’m specifically talking about your tiwalker. I have wanted #22 tiwalker for 3 years or so (I asked about it initially on the tiwalker owners list in january 2017) . I’m not the biggest fan of the ano, but would love to get that yoyo.