Deal With It Tsuna | Leather Kendama Holder!

These hand crafted leather holders are the perfect way to carry around your favorite kendama. The word Tsuna means “leash” in Japanese, so just think of it as a leash for your kendamas! Hand made in San Francisco, CA by Deal With It SF. A great website that posts videos of everything cool like Dama Edits!

The Tsuna is great to strap to your belt loop or back pack. Just clip it on and your kendama it’s right there with you wherever the day takes you!

It is made from high quality leather with brass fittings. The leather used in crafting these is rather thick so it will be a little stiff and hard to fit in at first – This is done on purpose so that once the holder breaks in it won’t be too loose. It should provide a nice snug fit around your kendama so you can carry it around with ease.

Don’t hide your kendama in a bag, carry it in style and show it off with the Deal With it Tsuna Kendama Holder!

The best way to get your kendama in and out of the tsuna is to keep it closed. Then slide the base of the dama in the loop then just kind of wiggle it around to fit. Opening and closing it fully takes forever and we don’t recommend it.