Dark Hops (Like Black Hops)

If any of you have read my articles on double kiwijubo or reverse cold fusion, you’ll know I like to twist and bend tricks to my will. Well did you think black hops could escape my mighty wrath, I hope not. I have just invented (if it hasn’t been done before) DARK HOPS! Basically it’s a lot like black hops, but when your coming down every time you hop off you flip your hands over and land it on the underside. Don’t understand what i’m talking about, try this. T.O.N., drop the front string off your left finger (probably will need to pull hands apart after this) and bring your left hand under your right and mount it on the string in front. Now you just have to learn how to do that in one smooth motion. But, what about flipping back rightside up? Thats basically the same motion in the other direction. Well now that you’ve got that down that’s it right. Shurely there is no way you could get back up flipping like that? Well there is, and I do not jest! Basically it’s kwijibo. Do a kwijibo until you get to the double or nothing. Then perform a kwijibo from a double or nothing until you get to triple or nothing. Then just roll out. That’s the end of the madness. (actually it’s seems easier then normal black hops). I know that the kwijibo won’t get you to the same mount as black hops will but it’s a new trick so it doesn’t really matter.

Sounds like an interesting trick, but A video would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I second this lol. Down is kind of confusing. I almost finished up though. 8)

I know, I try to get a video as soon as I can. I don’t have a camera so it’s just a matter of borrowing my friends. Don’t know how soon that will be.

Sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to try it out later.

I third the movment for the vid, I dont get, how you have described it, a vid might clear it all up for me.