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So the other day I was talking to my coworker. We were talking and somehow she brought up DDR. The dancing game. She mentioned how hardcore some of the players could be. She mentioned that many DDR players train with weights on their feet to be able to pick up speed when they take the weights off.

Now to transition into professional yoyoing. Do you think this method is viable to pick up speed in yoyoing? Training with those work out weights you strap to your wrists for example? What are your thoughts?

I lift thousands of pounds 7 days a week at the gym, am able to run a ~6 minute mile and I still suck at yoyoing. I strongly suspect physical training in order to increase speed while yoyoing is all but meaningless. I think most the “speed” you see in yoyoing is much more a matter of excellent hand-eye coordination than actual speed.

ps the DDR thing sounds made up. I just googled it and saw only a few references to ankle weights while playing DDR, mostly between 2003-2007. It also sounds fairly dangerous since DDR has a lot of fast jerking motions and weight training with fast jerking motions is a really great way to injure yourself.

I don’t think it’s made up. Pro soccer-players (or real football, as we call it) use similar weights strapped around their ankles and practice dribbling with it.

You can’t seriously be comparing professional athletes who have undergone years of physical training and are likely under the constant supervision of a coach and trainer to kids playing a video game based on flailing around.

I have to agree with oops. I mean the pro athlete has an entire team behind them to make sure they don’t get hurt. However some kid that want to be cool throwing on ankle weights is more then likely going to end up in the hospital eventually. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say just like anything else. The best way to get good at something is practice, practice and more practice. You will have some that have the “natural” talent for it. But the rest of the world is stuck practicing.

You’re comparing the absolute best of the best of one field to the beginners of another.

Watch some videos of the best Japanese DDR players (they’ve actually moved on to In The Groove now) and tell me it doesn’t require an insane amount of skill and technique. Whether it’s soccer or skateboarding or yoyoing or DDR, they’re all skill-based and the best of the best have put a lot of time and practice in.

Yeah, we’re talking about some very fast and precise footwork here. It’s hardly flailing. In fact, it’s very similar to footwork practice we did for football (american). As a WR for 3 years in high school, I did a ton of quick cutting and sprinting, and I used ankle weights all the time to increase and strengthen my hips. Now, regarding the OP’s question, I can only concude that any kind of strengthening techniques would improve yoyo dexterity and longevity. However, a lot of the behind the back moves actually require some serious svelt-ness, so being thin and flexible is more useful.

I don’t think it would work for yoyo, like it would for Goku when he was fighting Frieza (Dragon Ball Z reference) ;D. I think yoyoing is just more of agility and motions. Practicing (without weights) is the key I think, but if you are willing to try it, then go ahead haha.

Practicing yo-yoing with weights could actually help. It would certainly give your arms a surprisingly good workout. The issue would be if you were also doing other forms of weight training at the same time the muscles in your arms would develop unevenly. I wouldn’t advise it.

If you want to up the weight on your yo-yoing to go faster, get the heaviest yo-yo you can fine and play with that. I’d assume it’s pretty damn heavy.

I do think that practicing hand exercises, arm exercises, and exercising in general should improve your yo-yoing, and everything else in your life. I had a Chess teacher awhile back who knew quite a lot about the pro scene, and he said that all of the great pros in Chess also had regular workout schedules. Being in shape affects everything in your life for the better.

Here’s a DVD on hand fitness and flexibility. I got it back in my days of seriously practicing slight of hand, and am still grateful to the workouts.

Hope this all helps!

I don’t think so. I mean when they are doing ddr are stuff they literally can not move their legs fast enough, thus the need to strengthen them. yet when yo-yoing, atleast for me, I can move my hands a lot faster then needed, but I can not control the yoyo yet, making it an issue of coordination not strength

True facts

Interesting. I haven’t tried it but in my mind it seemed logical that if I practiced this hiroyuki speed combo with weights on my hand, my speed would be greater without the weights on. Technique is irrelevant, it is assumed you can already yoyo well but need to practice speed.

Actually no. This would just make the yoyo out of control due to your getting used to your hands being heavier than they really are, which makes them require more strength in the movement to achieve the movement in the trick. So the yoyo would be flying with extra force but not necessarily faster. With speed combos it is essential to quickly neutralize momentum in any direction to allow it to move another direction. Extra force in the motions wouldn’t help. Also, speed play isn’t based upon strength. You don’t need strength to yoyo speedily, you need dexterity and focus. And practice.

I imagine, if you practice with a really heavy yoyo, then go to contests with a light-weight yoyo, then your speed will increase.

That’s it guys. We need to start practicing with bth’s.

Ah okay. Then what about this new theory brought up? heavy yoyos?

But, with yoyo, we’re talking muscle memory as well as issues pertaining to timing(in some cases). So, by using a heavy yoyo, well, you can build up strength and endurance, but you’ll be using a slower moving yoyo. This sounds ideal for learning new stuff though, as the slower speeds can really help one see what is going on a tiny bit better and aid in learning a new trick.

However, if you’re going to compete, it’s best to practice using the yoyo(s) you intend to compete with, including string type, bearing type and response. You need to build that muscle memory to correspond with the yoyo(s) that will be used. Ideally, a set of 4-6 identical yoyos set up identically. That may also correspond with same run for consistency purposes if that’s economically viable. Not all tricks will require the same timing elements, but some may.

What I will say is the more variety you can throw into your practice sessions will only help ensure you know your routines inside and out. Bigger, smaller, wider, narrower, heavier, lighter. It’s all good. I feel this is more important.

With the DDR example, they are using weights to increase speed. The only factor they need is “increase speed”. Yoyo has certain athletic elements to it. Increasing speed is certainly something that can’t hurt to do. There’s more to it than that since there’s an artistic element to it. If you’re training using a specific set of yoyos, then this helps. It not, you’re just not doing a lot to help yourself, but you’re not going to really do anything negative either.

As I am slowly improving, I must say I am moving away from my much liked DM2’s in favor of lighter/faster yoyos, and using shorter strings to help with speed. I am starting to notice differences in speed tied to weight, which can sometimes be subtle but sometimes its rather dramatic.

Whatever you can engage in that can improve your hand/eye coordination as well as distance perception, reaction time and situational awareness is good. It applies very well to things like video games(although doesn’t DDR use predictable patterns, as in: same song, same routine?) can certainly apply towards most skill toys.

Here’s a different approach:
Instead of the yoyo weight, why not use wrist weights or arm weights?(or both) Get your hands moving faster. This doesn’t address your fingers though.

“fast jerking motions” hrmmmmmmm

only if you’re new or suck at ddr does this happen
my friend only plays Heavy or Oni and he’s very smooth when he steps. this is because there are certain fluid motion patterns you must identify before you go on to advanced modes, and since he knows them he doesn’t really jerk around when playing. i can see where you get that impression because most people don’t really know the patterns or how to smoothly step in general.

although i will agree the weights on the legs are pointless and can lead to injury. we never did that and we got to advanced modes just fine

I will tell you just how to get faster. First, your body can move faster, if you mind can process faster.

When I started Tactical Handgunning and Knife fighting, years ago, I found out real quick how much faster I could react to pop up targets and ‘incoming knives’, lol.

Smoking, too much coffee, hours of sitting and playing Call of Duty 4; they cloud your brain and affect your Speed and anything requiring eye hand speed coordination. You don’t have to like what I am telling. But I know things…

So, here is the Program<>

1 exercise your mind: … Or other brain game sites you can find on the internet.

2 get enough sleep every night

3 jump rope. <> I am not joking. Ever notice how good Boxers are with a jump rope? It is an excellent way to develop stamina/endurance. The exercise raises your Endorphin levels and makes you much more alert.
It is a minimal load bearing type of activity, so it is not hard on your joints. And is good for developing quicker movements.

4 STRETCHING! Worlds’ most overlooked way to assist in swifter movement potential. Most people are waaaaay to tight. Learning proper stretching techniques is very beneficial to fascilitate faster movements.
Weightlifting contracts muscles. Stretching lengthens and relaxes muscles. Increased flexibility can enhance speed.

Piece a cake.

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practicing with wrist weights? not so much…

practicing with a heavy yoyo? definitely

When I was on the Buzz-On team, I used a C-note (100g) almost exclusively for about 2-3 months.

I can tell you, in addition to building up one heckuva callous, my combos were all easily faster - if I wanted them to be…

but I generally dont like playing too fast… so there’s that too.

fast == smooth