Current meta '19

There’s a lot of cool stuff inspiring the top competitors this year.

But… one thing I’m just not feeling are these grandiose 360°-overt the head- hooks and whips that EVERYONE is doing. I’m sure they are satisfying to hit clean, but I’m over it.


This and under the leg stuff


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I’m not a big fan of them because everyone does them, but I also understand that those tricks click well. It’s usually just a few seconds of the routine


I honestly think the over the head hooks are super dope to see. Lots of people are doing it, but they’re super tough.

Even though the metas can be repetitive, they’re difficult enough that I can appreciate them.


I don’t understand people who criticize the meta. There are always going to be tricks that click well and are therefore used frequently for competition. The meta is, and has always been about clicks/winning, not about appealing to non-competitors, some of whom prefer more “creativity” or whatever.


I like them, they look awesome and they are rather difficult.


To me, it’s the same as the NBA vs Street ball.
There’s way more creativity in the moves used in Street ball than there is in the NBA, because the goal of Street ball is to wow the crowd and do something flashy.

In the NBA the goal is to get buckets, so players use the most efficient and effective moves possible.

There’s some parallels to yoyoing for enjoyment and competitive yoyoing there. Competitive players are focusing on getting clicks, so whatever is going to click the best is what they practice and use, making creativity a second to efficiency.

I understand if your argument is that it’s less an issue of the players and more an issue with the judging system, but without actionable guidelines on how to score well, there will be way more subjectivity in who’s winning.

I like to watch competitive stuff if I want to see someone insanely skilled shred, and I’ll go to Instagram trickcircle if I want to see someone also insanely skilled do something unique stylewise.


Well, I completely agree with and understand the whole comp vs enjoyment thing.

And I also respect the discipline needed to do these types of tricks smooth and clean…


I’m over it. It was cool and like “woah” for a little while. Now it’s just a trend that everyone is doing. And I’m tired of seeing it.

Trends can just get obnoxious after a while.

I’m grumpypants today


I get where you’re coming from %100 brother.

Since I’m working on my worlds wc freestyle I’ve been watching lots of comp stuff lately.

Before that, I was watching almost exclusively flowy make it up as you go along type stuff, I love both.

I guess it depends on my mood more than anything.


Wait, you’re competing at worlds this year?

Bruh u literally liked his freestyle clip on IG :joy:

Huh, I must have missed the part where he said it was his freestyle for worlds.

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Yessir, the wildcard. What I posted on ig only makes up 1/3 or so or the fs; it’s a 30 second



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Okay, so let me get this out in the open.

I don’t know the first thing about comps. And I don’t think I could care any less about fixing that. I don’t like competitive sports of any kind either. Just not my jam.

So when I see the term “wildcard”, it has absolutely zero meaning to me; it does not signify to me that he is competing at worlds this year.

Nothing against competitors or anything, I just really don’t care for competitions personally.

And the trends that competitions set ablaze in the community can be kiiind of aNoYiNg.

Just my opinion, of course.


Wildcard is the stage before prelims since there’s so many people competing they need an extra round

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How do you feel about just being at contests? You don’t like attending either?

I would love to go to one some day. Like Cal state or PNWR.

But I am a working father with a family of five. It’s not realistically in the cards anytime soon, unfortunately.

Although I do have crippling social anxiety. The thought of attending honestly both excites and terrifies me lol

5 kids! Oh man, I don’t think I even want 1 until I’m out of my 20s :joy: