Any good 3A players have any tips on this trick? After the first roll, I always end up with the two yoyos suddenly spinning rapidly, go around each other, tangle up and grind against each other. Any tips on the hand movement and stuff?




I do not do 3A much, but I can do the rolling part of this trick! I did what you did for awhile, but after practice, it just stopped happening.

I guess my tips would be, you can start with the yo-yos a farther distance apart, try to not change the distance between your hands, you can use two of the same yo-yo (I hear that is so rolling tricks like these have two identical objects), and try not to stop the motion until you reach the 3rd roll.

Hope some of this helps! If it does not, tell me please, cause I am somewhat new to 3A too.


I haven’t really done any 3A before this, so I just tried it out. So by spinning rapidly around each other do you mean that you can get the rolling part but you can’t get it stopped? If so, I’m not sure how to describe it, but you just have to feel the yoyos. If you can’t do 2A tangler, try it out, even with the yoyos dead. When you mess up, you can get a feel for how to untangle them by just moving your hands around like the yoyos are your puppet and you are the puppet master. Same thing for this 3A trick.