Cool new trick? I call it VENT

I’m getting really sick and tired of this…I don’t know about you guys, but when people ask ‘is this a new trick?’ or ‘did I come up with this trick?’, etc. they post a text description. People cannot help you or verify by text description very well. Every darn smart phone and laptop now a days has a video camera built into it, just use it and upload the video of you doing the trick to youtube from your phone. This is just getting really annoying to see everyone doing the same thing. I don’t want to hear an argument, ‘well not everyone has a smart phone’ or ‘my parents won’t let me get a phone yet’ Well…99% of your parents have a smart phone and I’m sure they’d let you borrow it for 5 minutes to make a video. Thanks and have a good day.

I agree, however, sometimes I’ve posted text due to the fact I could not make a video at that time, but it would remind me to make a video when possible.