Thank you to everyone who participated in the Forum Time W/ Gentry Stein event on the YoYoExpert Forums, we had a great turnout!

The Gentry Trivia Contest Winners:

1st Place: tschneider

2nd Place: ComparePokoo

3rd Place: Zan

[u][b]Favorite Question Contest:[/b][/u]

Gentry’s Choice: anmo,81511.0.html

Random Winner: Lseda3984,81555.0.html

[b]Congratulations to the winners! A PM will be sent through the YoYoExpert Forums with information to claim your prize![/b]
A big thanks to Gentry for taking the time to answer all the great questions (He’s read them all and is still finishing up answering some!) and a big thanks to YoYoFactory for creating such a great new yo-yo!

Don’t Forget! Everyone who purchases the new Gentry Stein Signature Yo-Yo – The YoYoFactory REGEN – has a chance to win a FREE Special Edition Super G!


Soooooooo close!

Wait a minute. I put the same answers. Was it first come first serve?

Yeah 1st three who get it, congrats all

I was so close to the random winner. I literally commented before gentry. WHY ME