Contest in California?

I’m pretty sure there are contests in California but what and when are they? and the rules?
I’m still not that good yet but want to try a contest freestyle so I can get some experience.
Thanks for your time!

Socal is the end of this month so it is the soonest. I’m going hope to see you there

I know there is Cal States on March 3 in Sacramento. Early October should be Nationals in Chico.

Not sure when the dates are for BAC or any other California contests.

What exact date? I don’t think I’ll be ready anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
may have something at the end of the month

I really want to go to BAC ;D
Is there a list with directions, rules and length of freestyle and what not?


I checked the website and it says it’s in Seattle Washington

Socal is on the 28th

Sorry can’t make it :-\ won’t make it past preliminaries anyways:P
Do I have to go to that one to go to BAC?

California States, BAC, So.Cal contest, Redondo Beach Contest, YoLex contest, BLC. Don’t get your hopes up for info because they never release the info until like the last minute on these contests. you just have to be connected and always check. You can enter online or you enter at the contest. For music, sometimes they want you to burn it to a CD, or send them an MP3. California States is in March, BAC is in May, So.Cal contest is usually in January (I’m pretty sure it’s in January this year, no info though, planning to go), Redondo Beach contest is in March I think, YoLex contest is new, they had one last year, I went and it’s really fun, and it was in July. BLC is in August. I’ve been to all of these contests except for So.Cal and Redondo Beach contest. Can’t wait for them to come up this year. I hope I do well in competing and everything. It should be fun!

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Thank you so much!
What if you have two different songs for the prelims and (if I make it (doubt it :P)) finals?
Maybe you can remind me when these things are when they are coming up really soon.
Maybe we will meet haha.