Comparison: YYR Onslaught vs YYR Bae?

Looking to hear your reviews on both yoyos. I tried the Bae and didnt like it as much as the 0.9, thinking about getting an onslaught

Isn’t the .9 the same as the bae?I thought Toru said after the .99 they decided to use the .9 for production


That’s what I read as well, the .99 was smaller, they went back to the .9 specs for the production run


Oh.Can I have the link of the post?

No it is not the same as the bae. I have tried all 3. The 0.9 is the biggest and narrowest and lightest. By far me and my friend’s fav. The Bae came out most stable and balanced profile. One more thing I noticed is that the shape feels more straight. The 0.9 has more personality to me

I think it was torus story in a q&a

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I think the feeling that you have might come from blast finish. Imo, Idk if I am too sensitive or crazy but for me, I notice the difference when I throw blast vs polished finish

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Here’s some pics for y’all

Wow, my apology for all the assumption, that looks more like Toru 0.99 since it is smaller and wider than both previous versions


Bought both. Bae is way way way better