Community Triton Video

(G2 Jake) #1

I’ve talked about this on a couple of my vlogs.

I am working on compiling a community video of why you like the triton. Videos must be submitted to by June 8th. So get to a club or borrow a friends Triton if you don’t have your own.

Videos should consist of you saying you name then saying “this is why I like the triton” then do a trick. The trick is defining why you like the triton.

Added bonus other than just being in a cool community project is one of you will win this!


Man, you sure do want feedback. A lot of it…

(G2 Jake) #3

Just trying to give the community options to win cool stuff and be part of a project.

And I’m always looking for feedback. I want the community to let me know what they want made.


And that’s what makes him such a good guy. Instead of winging it he ask the community on there thoughts and put things out there that people will like and in the end comes out with great yoyos.


Well, keep going strong :).