Comic Cons and Costumes.


Who here is into going to Comic Con? I am going to my first one this year and I’ve got my jedi outfit ready for that! Minneapolis Comic Con here I come this May!



Cool! A friend and I were going to go this year but we’re both broke haha. I go to Anime Expo every year with friends, though. Cosplayed 2014 as Professor Syccamore as part of a Pokemon X/Y group. The pic is a little blurry–it’s hard to jump off ledges in a fancy skirt :-

Also went to that Disneyland trick-or-treat thing as Elodin from my favorite series, the Kingkiller Chronicles.


Tomorrow is the 2016 MPLS Comic Con and I’m going to be Kylo Ren.


LeDave, that is one awesome costume!


Thanks mate! Here is the final edition of my set-up before I went to the comic con. One big change as you can tell, I’ve increased the amount of fabric on the scarf hanging from my neck.


That is really cool. How much do these go for and where can you get them?