Come Yo-Yo in our show for Tour de Fat 15 cities this summer/fall

DC, Raleigh, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boise, Ft. Collins, Denver, San FRN, San Diego, LA, Tempe, Austin…If you live close to any of these places and you YO-YO we would love to get you in front of America’s best audience. TOUR de FAT circus/bicycle/music festival 15 city tour kicked off last weekend in Nashville and we had the famous Mark Allen perform with us. Also we are doing a Yo-Yo Astronaut special show in the Le Tigre circus tent as part of the tour besides our 50 minute act.
Also check out this picture of the ensemble piece we are in where Rebecca is working an amazing puppet and I am a game show host…we are giving a special FAT TIRE Low rider bicycle away in each city.