Collection for sale! ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!

Hey guys! I’ve decided I’m done with Yoyoing, just not feeling it Anymore! I will miss the community but let’s get on to the stuff for sale! This is not my ENTIRE collection but it is just the stuff I want to get rid of!

YYR Messiah- Purple, 4 dings, really smooth, APPROVED REAL! 70$ shippedSOLD SOLD
CLYW Sasquatch- Blue with red speckle, 5 tiny “marks” none are feelable, 70$ shipped SOLD SOLDZ
Werrd hour- Purple, 1-2 small scratches, 20$ with any other YoYo 35$ for itself
YYJ Quest- white with green lateral caps, scratched up, some vibe, 90$ shipped
Code 1- Yellow, smooth!!, mint, 75$ shipped!

Damage on the right goes almost all the way around BUT it’s barely feel able, forgot about it because some kid at YoYo club tried without asking and walked the dog, good thing it wasn’t on concrete though! Really stable and smooth though!

Do you Still Have the Code 2? I might be able to get it in a month ???