Collection dump: here is what is left

Thank you. For some reason I just woke up one of these past few days and realized, what is the point of keeping all these things in the closet so that I can say “I have X and Y and Z?” Its just empty happiness. Every time someone posted some pictures of new yo-yos I was just enslaved by envy and would chase after things I didn’t have.

Now I’m going to put this money to good use, buying things that will actually get used. I feel very liberated today.


damn, good for you man.


I hope you success on your next projects! :+1:

But i hope you’ll still keep some and throw it for once in a while. And we’ll be here when you need us :heart:

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I’m sure there are a few that won’t sell. I’ll hold onto them. The gold Freehand 1AL is the one I’ve played with most and has some dings on it. I’m hoping to end up keeping that one.


Congrats! I know exactly how that feels.
When i liquidated my collection, some years ago, it was the down payment for my house!
Now i only keep a few at a time


By the way I got your message. Wasn’t ignoring you. If I have some titaniums left in a few days I’ll reach out to you.



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PM incoming.


First, let me say I think it’s awesome that you not only had this realization, but then actually took meaningful steps to do something about it. Letting stuff go can be hard. I’ve seen way too many people get so mentally and emotionally weighed down by their collections that they end up being owned by the stuff they own.

Second, I think what’s ironic here is that I strongly suspect many of these will ultimately end up going right back into someone’s closet just so they can say they have “X and Y and Z”.

Oh, the circle of life… :laughing:


Thank you good sir, now i just need to wait intil my grail arrives.

@dizzo Titanium 888 $275


I fully expect that some of these will be back in a different closet, but some of the messages I’ve gotten after some sales have been refreshing.

Quite a few very grateful people have reached out to me afterwards saying how they intend on playing with whatever they bought and appreciating the opportunity to try specific yo-yos out. Many others were so excited to see yo-yos they never thought they’d find and fully I tend on using them.


Love the collection dump. I’m planning on doing a similar thing in the near future.

I am going to assume you kept a few yoyos? Or did you literally put up everything?


good for you man. purge the toxicity


I’ve been getting this question a lot. I’ve put up all the yo-yos that were sitting in cases in the closet. There are still some others that I have to round up, so more will come but those aren’t as rare/collectible.

There is only one yoyo I plan on not listing for sale, and it’s as basic as it gets: Recess First Base.


Thats why everyone needs a display case or area to let the Yo-Yos shine in your life. What I was able to pick up from @krish667 I plan on playing and displaying.

Solid choice for just one, more than capable and most of the time replaceable.

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You still have 2 RSO Bapzilla’s and 1 Anti-yo that I believe is black what are the colors you have left, could you sent pictures, please I know you are busy as bee thank you.

Alright everyone should have gotten a tracking number from me. Either via email, direct message, YYE forum message, or a PayPal email with tracking information. If you’ve paid for something but not received tracking, please reach out to me. Will probably edit this thread over the weekend with some new additions and what’s left. Thanks all.


You the real mvp. Always wanted a Ti beater and you gave me the chance to get one. Thanks.

Everything updated in the listing