Collection clearing UPDATED NEW YO's priced to sell- g2 Life, One Drop, Sengoku, G2decade and much more*pricedrops

Updated items

Blowing out some of my jojos f $ f is preferred, but will do g &s. please add 5 for shipping , if you buy more than one I can waive it.

Conus only

Yoyos ,
Basecamp Expedition - 25 - NMTBS

YoyoPalace Journey - 75 NMTBS

Dressel Designs 5050 - 40 NMTBS - only selling because I have two.

G2 Decade - this was a mystery color way, I got a solid blue - only showing box to keep the surprise but if you would like photos , I can definitely provide. I just got this today and just didnt really get blown away by it. - 70

Sengoku Samarai - 80 NMTBS - theres some marks on the brass, but its just like fingerprint stuff can provide pics if you want

yoyofriends hummingbird - 70 - small mark , otherwise NMTBS - Vibe is about 8/10 *sold

g2 Life -Gotham Color way - 165 NMTBS - decided to let this one go .

C3yoyo Speedaholic Max - 50 NMTBS

Mk1 Exia - 50 NMTBs - great yoyo but doesnt get much play. Love the colorway

One drop Kraken - 40 NMTBS - cant remember if it is NQP but a great yoyo

docpop - Bolt 2 - 40 NMTBs

yoyofac bimetal shutter - 50 - halfswap , NMTBS as far as I can tell .

Dressel Designs Kanto - 50 pinprick plays great but another one that doesnt get much play in my collection

One drop free solo - 50 NMTBS - NQP but not sure way

Atmos Project Goji - 50 minor damages to the rim , still plays great.

Recess snack - 15 minor scuff

yoyorecreation comic sans - 25 plays well but I dont pick up much anymore great all around yoyo.

I provide photos/ videos showing every inch of the yoyo before shipping .

thanks for looking


a few price drops on the bi metals.


Bump more price drops . Taking goods and services now

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booop bump

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Grail and b7 are too cheap this is theft😢


I’m gonna regret it at some point I always do.


bump buy some yoyos !


bump some goods left

Bump. Price drops

BUMP, New stuff! give me a holler .

Bump price drops