Colin Beckford 2013/My Video Thread

Hey guys, for those of you who are my friend on facebook or subscribee on youtube I posted this a few days ago. I’m going out to film the real thing today but for those who haven’t seen it here it is. ;D

Really good! Can’t wait to see the whole thing. ;D ;D

thanks! pmub

Hey guys!! Took a long time but finally made it. I wanted to wait closer to my 2 year anniversary. Check it out :slight_smile: Comments, like, criticism, etc are appreciated :slight_smile:

That was awesome! Especially for only 2 years.

Yeah Colin is nuts. That kid is gonna be world champion one day.

The tricks are insane. But you could do a better job at selling them. Smile a little maybe. It’s difficult sometimes because you’re focusing so hard so I get it. Actually if I smile in a video it’s almost always forced/fake which isn’t necessarily a good thing. If I do smile it’s because I can’t believe I just caught a trick on film haha.

Honestly, I try to shy away from keeping my face in shots. It’s a pretty face. Don’t get me wrong. It just does awkward things when I’m yoyoing.

A repost. I got featured on yoyonews ;D ;D