Colin Beckford 2012 Preview

Hey guys, can you watch this? Any constructive criticism, comment, like, sub, anything? Thanks for reading/watching.


No need to bump 16 seconds after posting…

i know. i feel like it.


lots of rolls, its good but itd be nice to see more variaty! :slight_smile: (maybe some slacks and pops? new mounts?) keep up the good work!

Yea, I know, this is just a preview. More variety to come in the full video(s).

Not begging, but any more criticism?

Maybe some more creativity? ive seen all of those tricks before, just be original and let it flow. Not that your tricks arent bad, ive just seen them before. Youve still got skills, but dont constrict yourself to tricks that youve seen, do what you want and push what is possible

Like I said before, this is from a while ago and just a preview. I have a whole new set of original tricks.