CLYW Yeti and Kendama Preview!



Really nice!
The kendama tricks at the beginning are insane!
Nice work!



Wough. Those kendama tricks were sick! And the yoyoing was very good too! Keep it up and great video!


pekka please! those tricks are insane!


Nice! This makes the Yeti look siiiickk…


wooh! candywires! :3

(Owen) #7

Waytttt is that you?


unfortunately I am not Pekka so no.


I kind of think it’s funny that more people aren’t bringing up that it’s a Yeti. I figured seeing it would cause a whole huge thing.

Anyway, loved the video. Already knew Pekka had some yoyo skills. Bringing on the kendama now? Nice.


That was beautiful! I figured out that 3d kendama trick it’s Soooo much fun haha


Thanks guys!!