CLYW - SNOWDAY w/ Jensen & Chris!


In case you guys haven’t seen it yet!


Yeah Jensen!!!


Thanks for sharing this! I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

(laxdude99) #4

so happy to see jensen throwing

(Jerrod) #5



Jensen is hilarious. look at him in the background at 3:10. Makes me laugh every time.


Thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

haha … anyone notice the part where he put a piece of string on my shoulder without me seeing? He keeps pointing to it too … best part is that this is pretty much a regular day at the Lodge.

Best job EVER!!


Looks like ya’ll are havin lots of fun. Tell jensen not to take the lights out! God that made me laugh so hard.! ;D I’m so happy you all are back together. Its the way the lodge should be.