CLYW Sasquatch 2014: A High Speed YoYo Review


I love it when you can look at a company and see where they have gone through a shift in order to continue to remain relevant. These shifts are crazy in how they fundamentally change the company’s DNA almost and how we on the outside perceive their products. A great example of a company that went through a shift like the one I described is Apple. Love them or hate them, they are a force to be reckoned with in their industry and it is all because of a drastic change or “shift”. The cool thing about these shifts is that usually you can see the one product that defines the break with the old; in Apple’s case it was the iMac and its crazy new way of doing things. CLYW went through one of these shifts back in 2010 when the original Sasquatch, Gnarwhal, and Avalanche design came into being. This new design with its renewed focus on competition play changed not only the way CLYW approached yo-yo design but how they were perceived by the community. Today I am looking at the 2014 update to the Sasquatch. CLYW has done quite a few yo-yos since the original came out, some of them being extremely unique in design. I am curious if the Sasquatch design is still relevant after four and a half years.

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Nice! I have a 2014 Sasquatch coming to me and I cant wait! Maybe I can find an original one so I can compare, there are slight differences but doesnt look like a whole lot to me, its hard to notice a huge difference I bet! =)

Ill comment back here if I agree w your review when i get it but I have never had a disappointing CLYW, so the new Sasquatch should be awesome aswell!


I love this yo-yo. The differences are noticeable vs. the original Sassy. Feels like you can speed it up much easier. My favorite acquisition in some time…