CLYW Pre XMAS Sale!!!!

Hi All,

The bottom line is I have way too many throws and want to get some of them to people who will actually use them. I have a good amount I never even touch, so here’s the list.

All are MINT, except for the Cool Ghoul Chief, which was scratches on the inner rim (due to removing the glow mods)

Please, please, please don’t offer trades. My goal is to reduce so CASH ONLY

  1. Red/Silver H5x Chief $110
  2. Berry Berry Chief $120
  3. YoYo Expert Comeback Avalanch $120
    4 Gold Gnarwhal $100
  4. Black on Black Splash Canvas (older model) $100
  5. Red Blizzard Chief $120
  6. Cool Ghoul Chief $100

Thanks for looking!