CLYW Onedrop Summit Deep Space? How does it look?


Hey all,

I could not find any picture of this Summit: Deep space (Black/ Brown acid W/ blue splash)?
Does anyone have it? How does it look?


I did not know there can be a yoyo out there which is not present on the internet. LOL.


Taken from Onedrop’s Flickr. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much mate. I did go there but got confused between all those pictures. Which tags did this photo has?


Ahh! I’ve been a fool. It’s from Onedrop’s Flickr not their instagram.

Apologies for the confusion.


Took 5 seconds on Google…


Google is hard.


Thank you so much guys. I just ordered it here :slight_smile:



Guess everyone beat me to the punch!



Pictures are up on the site now!


I called you guys in the morning and the person I was talking to did tell me that you guys will update photos by the eve.
But when it comes to buy a yoyo, I cannot hold myself from buying it immediately. hehe


I think I fell in love and I think I have found my favorite colorway for sure.


isn’t CLYW’s jackrabbit the same except pink speckles instead of blue? Both are really good!


Its similar to my Space Blizzard Bonfire, but this has Blue speckles.


It’s also similar to an old vsnyyc colorway and a Jason Wong ano. Also a colorway done on the the aftershock by G2.


Deep Space isn’t a new colorway for OD, they used it on the Cascade in 2012. My absolute favorite OD colorway, now I want a Summit again.


wow I cannot believe I had not seen it til now. It is an amazing colorway indeed.


How does it look? Good enough for me to instantly purchase hahaha!


I’ve seen it on a Code 2 as well.


After seeing the picture, it was bought in the next 45 seconds :wink: