CLYW, OD, YYF all at low prices!

Not necessary in order. Looking for cash, kendamas, or a flight. If I own a throw it is smooth, little to no vibe here. No boxes. Message me for damage pics.

AC2 Fire blizzard. Mint. No box. $120
Kilter 2. Mint. No box. $20
Chief Pink with black . Beat. $100 cuz I wouldn’t mind holding onto it.
Genesis. I HAVE THE STACKS. Mint. No box. $50 GONE GONE GONE
OD Rally. White with blue. Some marks. Very smooth. No box. $30
YYF Prague popstar. No box. Mint. $20
Cliff. Concrete Blizzard. 4-5 Dings but DEAD SMOOTH no box. $90
Supernova. Gold with black. 2 dings. Very smooth no box. $65
Alpha crash. Yellow. No box. $10 or sweetener.