CLYW Large Bearing Bassalope


I have 2 of these in my collection. I was hoping to get some information on these things. How much did they retail for? When?

Also, I have this Sasquatch that has the letters CLYW stamped on the sides but the letters are large and don’t look like the little fools gold stamp on my Avalanche. Is this just the design or is it also Fools Gold?



Pretty sure LB Bassalopes went for $150, and the CLYW letters are just engravings and not the FG stamp which I’m pretty sure contain the pickaxes.


Alright cool.

So 65$ for one was a good deal then?


Yeah I’d say so, in my opinion as long as you’re not paying over retail for something that is in mint condition it’s a good deal.


There were a couple (or more?) runs of them. They retailed for ~$95.00 to ~$130.00 depending on the colorway. The majority sold were the less expensive ones.

As far as when… I lose track of time. :slight_smile: I think the original blue ones came out in 2009. (it may have been 2010, but I think 2009)

Edit - If memory serves… the OG blue ones were small bearing so they don’t apply to the OP’s question. The prices I’ve stated though are correct for large bearing ones.