CLYW Bassalope

I really want info on the CLYW Bassalope.

Did the small bearing Bassalope cost less or the same as the large bearing Bassalope?

WHAT WAS THE COST? No research I do can find me the answer.

I think I remember them being about the same. I think they retailed in the 100-120 range.

There were many more large bearings made then small.

Can anyone else back this up? Last time I asked I was told it was $150 for a Large bearing and less for a small bearing. Help.

they were definately not $150

The caribou queen edition was more spendy but they large and small bearing were the same price
£81.95 for the queen
£59.99 for the normal

£60 is about $90.

I dug through the bst and found this bst page where someone comments that the price of the large bearing is $110 on YYE

Have you tried sending CLYW an email regarding what their MSRP was?

They were never $150. Only recently have CLYW throws retailed for that price.

Now if the question is how much they sell for now that’s harder to answer because they have been retired for so long. And relatively few were made, especially the small bearing model.

Oh and both the large and small play great.

I’m pretty sure it’s $115. This was CLYW’s price on all of their yoyos before.
Any less than this is Fool’s Gold.

Alright thanks. The last time I made this thread, I was told 150. Lol.