CLYW Kodiak Releasing April 6th @ 10PM!


CLYW team member Tessa Piccillo is one of the most talented players in the scene, and we’re thrilled to announce the release of her first signature model with CLYW – The Kodiak!

The Kodiak was created to Tessa’s specifications. She gave her input on the design every step of the way until it was exactly what she wanted.

They knew right from the start they wanted to create powerful bi-metal for Tessa’s signature model. The shape was inspired by some of her CLYW favorites, the Arctic Circle series and the Manatee, then re-shaped to meet her needs as a top-notch player. The end result is an incredibly fast and stable return top that has an amazing feel in the hand and on the string!

Releasing April 6th @ 10PM EST!


Just curious as to why these would cost $30 more than the Gorge? :-\


Maybe because it’s a signature model? Not sure. CLYW sets prices.


I’m pretty sure it is because the gorge is more slim…