Clyw gnarwal and artic circle

Looking for gnarwals and artic circles mainly the lost in the artic ones let me know thank you ;D

You must have pictures of what you are selling or trading via the YoyoExpert rules.


I believe he is looking to purchase those throws, not trade or sell them.

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Thankyou jamesmay

Ahh, Sandy you may want to modify your post mentioning that you are BUYING specifically.

Fairly certain the “Lost in the Arctic” throws were all Canvases as they were a series of designs that CLYW needed the entire face of the Canvas to do the engraving on.  I don’t know that you will find any “Lost in the Arctic” Gnarwhal or Arctic Circles.

See my post on this page for an example of one of the “Lost in the Arctic” series.

There was an ultra limited “Northern Lights” run of “Lost in the Arctic” Canvases.  If you’re looking for Northern Lights colorways I know both the Gnarwhal and Arctic Circle have been released in that colorway (a black/green acid wash), but you may want to re-title your post if that is what you’re indeed searching for.  Hope this helps.

I have a hulk smash AC for sale