CLYW for Sale Comeback and Puffin!!! cheapest prices you will fin Price drop!!!!

I am looking to sell only, Paypal only.

CLYW Comeback Avalance Blizzard MIB 105$ 100$ 85 $ thrown twice a super buy!!!sold

Puffin Concrete Blizzard. Really cool color oMIB asking 135$ 130$ 120$ 110 $ never thrown I have two need to move this one!!! Sold

Send an offer I will respond yes or no and maybe we can work something out.

All prices include shipping with tracking

Pmd ya

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Bump last deal fell through

I can send u 40 bucks for the Dietz

Pm’d ya

I put the faces on that bag just so I could tell if I ever saw my flea again.
And I found it :slight_smile:


H52 (668 KB)

Bump for a sale!!

Hurrican Bumb for a sale!!!

Bring it on Sandy!!!

Christmas special bump!!

Is the H5xChief still available?

Got any stunt pegs to go with any of those One Drops?

Code 1 sold

Supernova sold update

Bump for a sale!!!

I feel for the poor lady that you took the foot from. :’(

Funny. The leg is actually a replica of the lamp from a Christmas story