CLYW Double Release! Pickaxe & Borealis!



With a focus on fun over competition specs, the Pickaxe is an undersized version of our long-time standard bearer, the Chief. Featuring our iconic double-rim design and an incredibly comfortable profile, the Pickaxe is designed to be hurled around with reckless abandon while you work out ridiculous tricks that will score zero points.



This modified organic shaped return top has quickly become a favorite of players all over the world, and we’ve worked with Zach to adapt the Borealis to better suit his ever changing style. As his tricks have become even more challenging and acrobatic, so must the Borealis change to keep up with his needs. We’ve widened the catch zone a bit and created slightly more of a V-shape to the profile, and moved some weight from the center to the rim for increases stability. The changes sound small on paper, but make a huge difference on the string.



These look nice.


I have been kinda down on CLYW lately, I feel a lot of their stuff has kind of a sameness to it… that said, the mini-Chief Pickaxe is really fun and definitely my pick of these two!



Wow you guys are fast! Gotta agree, Pickaxe is one of my favorite CLYW releases of late. Just a small super fun chief, and these colors are really nice! That said, the Confetti Cannon Borealis is fantastic looking too!


I see what you’re saying. Nothing looks different from CLYW lately.


wish i could afford these haha