CLYW - Chief - "Hi Andre" [Store Edition]


Which side should I display in my case?  Vote left or right in the poll above, or comment your vote. by Splash Game, on Flickr

Chief available in the store here:

({RTD} alecto) #2

as soon as i saw that cheif colorway i knew you were gonna get it…


I knew I would see this here sooner or later.


Yup, whenever you guys see those colors, there’s like a 99.9% chance that I’ll buy at least one.
Then, when they name it after The Expert, the chance was definitely 110%.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Haha, I personally wish I had the funds to procure a “You’ve got red on you” since Shaun of the Dead was a great movie, but this was a close second.

The only surprise from TA on this thread is that there is only one ;D


Yeah, that surprises me too. But, some releases I try not to be too greedy, until everyone has had a chance to get their hands on one. If they wait too long though, and these are in stock a whole week, a second “Hi Andre” Chief will be in the mail, on the way to me.

Word to the side burns and dark magic!

(Erik Kerber ) #8

Left I like more red


Voted left but meant to vote right



I don’t always ding my expensive throws, but when I do, I just throw them again :wink: