CLYW BvM for sale


Hey guys, I’ve been out of throwing for many years now and I’m probably not starting up again any time soon either. Anyway, I found one of my old throws that i’d like to sell. It’s a BvM. I have no clue what edition it was or anything. It has some good scuffs and dings all around the edges, and a slight vibration that could probably be fixed by some sanding and a new bearing, but it isn’t too bad.

I believe they called the color cotton candy or something like that. I’m open to absolutely any offers besides trades. I’ll also send it with a bunch of good 60% poly string (I think) that was custom made by some string company. The bearing on the Yo Yo is concave but it’s off an old Chinese YYF.

Here’s a bunch of pictures I just took showing the damage on it. Once again, I’m open to any offer you have. If you want any more pictures or have questions, feel free to ask!


Bump. Literally taking any offers.

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