CLYW Borealis (Original Run), CLYW Manatee - Looking for Gold or Black CLYW WM2


Updated 12/29/2017

This is the last of what I’ve got for sale. Been purging big time, prices include shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Absolutely NO TRADES (with the exception of a WM2), they will be ignored if you ask. Feel free to make reasonable cash offers, again no trades.

1 and only trade would be a CLYW Wooly Marmot 2 in gold or black

***PM me if you want pictures of a specific yoyo.***

CLYW Borealis - 1st run, red. Mint condition, with original box, Zach pin and goldenrod string -$95

CLYW Manatee - few pin pricks here and there, tiny vibe on fingernail test that is not felt while playing. No box, great yoyo - $50

AntiYo Eetsit - SOLD
TMBR Turner - maple, scuffs and minor dings on rims. Super smooth, really great fixed axle - SOLD
AntiYo Bizness - SOLD
Tom Kuhn Tom Cat - SOLD
Tom Kuhn SB2 - San Francisco era, early SB2. Couple tiny dings/scuffs. I FOUND THE BOX! Photos of it coming soon. - SOLD


Some Price Drops


bump, offers welcome



I’m interested in the Borealis. Do you offer international shipping?

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